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Technical Details

Rollmaster is a manual furling system with reduction.

The aim of Rollmaster is to enable sailors to save their power and endurance ; not to get exhausted while dealing with the forces of nature ; and give them joy of sailing.

The force required to roll the sail with this system is only half of what is required for the standard manual systems.

The size of the driving drum with the 1/3 reduction system ; has been reduced so that only ½ the force is required in comparison to the standard manual furlers .

In the sample product ; the driving drum on the 1/3 reduction , having a 109 mm diameter ; requires only ½ of the force of an equivalent standard system. Should the same power be obtained without the reduction ; then the driving drum would have a diameter of 327 mm.

Due to the reduction of the size of the driving drum , the starboard-portside dimension of the furler is also decreased ; thus interference of the anchor handle connected to the windlass and the driving drum, is prevented and the foot of the sail can be lowered as much as possible ; and serious gain in the sail area at the foot of the sail which has the least heeling effect on the boat , is obtained.

The lower connecting sheets can be rotated and fixed at all positions of 30º angles .

It is desired that especially the most eye-catching equipment on boats , should add an esthetic value to the unity of the boat . When Rollmaster was designed ; emphasis was put on its esthetic look,along with its functional advantages. Reliable equipment is an important factor for success.

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