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Your ADMIRAL furling system is warranted for a period of 10 (ten) year from the date of purchase against parts and materials.

       This warranty is limited to the repair and replacement of defective parts by ADMIRAL and only after the written consent of ADMIRAL DENIZCILIK VE TURIZM LTD. STİ. Address: Esenkent Mahallesi, Hoca Nasreddin Caddesi, No:7 34775/Ümraniye İstanbul, Türkiye. The warranty is void if the system is modified or repaired prior written consent of ADMIRAL DENIZCILIK VE TURIZM LTD. STİ.

      This warranty covers only the ADMIRAL parts and materials. ADMIRAL is not liable of any consequential or accidental damages.

      This warranty does not cover defect(s) which did not exist at the time the product was placed on the market by ADMIRAL and product issues caused by any other reason, including but not limited to product issues due to acts of God, normal wear and tear or cosmetic deterioration, misuse, abuse, improper use, lack of reasonable or proper maintenance or storage, faulty installation, improperly performed services, repairs or replacements, limitations of technology, alteration or modification of or to any part of the product,. This Limited Warranty does not cover ADMIRAL products sold AS IS or WITH ALL DEFAULTS.

       In the event of a warranty claim, ADMIRAL's liability is limited to the value of the system at the date of purchase. Packaging costs, shipment or custom charges are at customer's expense.




After installation of the system the customer must check the following:

- the sail luff is the correct length

- the special adhesive is applied on the screws that connect the profiles and the other screws so that all screws are protected against loosening

- the stay on which the profiles are mounted is appropriately tightened

- the precautions are taken so that the halyard which hoists the sail does not get entangled around the stay:

- the halyard being properly tight

- the existence of the proper distance between the halyard block and the point where the headstay is connected to the mast; if not,  the halyard should be moved away with the help of a guiding block




- In case it is impossible for the owner to have the damage checked by a skilled person, the owner will contact ADMIRAL DENIZCILIK VE TURIZM LTD. STİ. Address: Esenkent Mahallesi, Hoca Nasreddin Caddesi, No:7 34775/Ümraniye İstanbul, Türkiye

- The defective part should be returned at owner's expenses including  packaging costs, shipment or custom charges; to ADMIRAL DENIZCILIK VE TURIZM LTD. STİ. (TURKEY)within 14 (fourteen) days after the damage occurred to the system.

- In case the parts are shipped from a country outside Turkey or Custom's Union, custom duties for return to ADMIRAL should be prepaid by the owner.

- In case the owner will demand urgent replacement of part before the defective part is received by ADMIRAL, the replacement part will be charged to the owner, and paid before shipping. In case ADMIRAL's responsibility is finally acknowledged, ADMIRAL will refund the owner.

- No replacement part purchased from an ADMIRAL dealer will be refunded to the owner.

- In the normal warranty procedure, the parts will be returned to the owner, shipping and customs at owner's expenses.

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